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 Introducing our new webportal

Our new portal can bring you delivery as quickly as 30mins*


EASY TO ORDER:  METRO MARKET offers you easiest shopping option so you can shop with peace of mind when you want where you want.

QUALITY:  METRO MARKET strictly believe in quality than any other factor.We believe if the food quality is no good,its not worth to buy it at even deal price.Shopping with METRO MARKET is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.We carry only best Indian brands chosen by people like Haldiram's,Laxmi,Deep,Britannia,Parle,Dabur etc.

SERVICE:  METRO MARKET delivers grocery on daily basis.If you place your order by 4.00pm,delivery will be in your kitchen by 8pm.You always can call before 6.00PM if you have any emergency walk out,we definately will work-out another option for you. (NO DELIVERIES ON WEDNESDAY & OCCASIONALLY ON FRIDAY)

WIDE SELECTION:  METRO MARKET offers now more selection compare to what it is being served at store.We also start carrying INDIAN-VEGETABLES.METRO MARKET also can be called "BOUTIQUE-INDIAN FOOD STORE" since we carry the most rated and you have requested items only.

*=According to Website Conditions & Appropriate Circumstances.